The Wu-Tang Clan is in the building! Cappadonna & Sammy Chand!

Producer Sammy Chand's signature hip hop beats fuse with Cappadonna from the Wu Tang Clan to form a dynamic new sound. Filmed in Los Angeles the music video features Cappadonna and Sammy Chand as they enter their secret venue.

The Great collaboration between two worlds of music as the Wu-Tang Clan's Cappadonna and Sammy Chand strike up a brand new sound.  The track called HANDS UP is the mixture of the gritty hip hop sound of Cappadonna with the edgy fusion of Rukus Avenue.  Sammy Chand's video with Cappadonna has a cool video shot in Los Angeles.

The track was produced by Sammy Chand and fuses the tabla of Sunil Kalyan with Guitars, strings and an banging hip hop ensemble to come up with a very lively song.  Aptly titled Hands Up the video has become a viral sensation. 

dir. Naveen Chaubal
producers: Ali Sandler + Shoushan Tavlian
ep: Ankush JIndal
dop: Phillips Shum