The music movement

We are jamming in the studio and partnering with some inspiring brands to make a change in the world. Browse though our project showcase below.

Rukus Avenue has announced that they will release The Music Inspired By soundtrack to the film The Black Prince.  The Black Prince stars Satinder Sartaaj as the Maharaja Duleep Singh, and Shabana Azmi as the mother Maharani Jindan.  

With music by Sammy Chand, the 15 track soundtrack features Talib Kweli, Emmanuel Jal & Nelly Furtado, Satinder Sartaaj, Tisha Campbell Martin, Sammy Chand, Ozark Henry, AK aka Amazing, Raxstar, Andrew T Mackay, Ozomatli, Chali 2na, Hoodini, Saum G, Prashant Aswani, Meghdeep Bose & Raaginder Momi.

Releasing worldwide on July 14th, check out for more information.

Rukus Avenue has partnered with UNVTF/United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons, as part of “Music To Inspire”. A collective fight by the music community to end Human Trafficking.  Together with Artists United Against Human Trafficking, and over 50 different artists from around the world, we hope to make a social statement against the various forms of slavery.

We are proud to send all proceeds to the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund as part of one of the largest unified fronts of artists, ever assembled for a charitable music album.  Our goal is to not only uplift the victims of one of the world's most profitable crimes, but to also bring social awareness, so we can all make changes in our communities to stop this from persisting.  We must think globally, but we must act locally. 

We appreciate your general concern for our youth and for taking action toward bettering their lives. We must end bullying once and for all and to do so, we must empower all youth to speak up against bullying. We are still gathering understanding on just how much this affects the lives of our children, but we must also do our part to activate prevention.
We ask you to join our team by lending your talent and your support to our fight. We ask you for your effort to bring awareness to this cause so these issues can begin to be addressed further. We must create an environment so that those who are bullied or witness bullying can step forward and know that they are supported. This can only be possible with more dialogue and awareness that your support will be vital to creating. 

The film SOLD has garnered the attention of the United Nations and many other worldwide initiatives for its efforts in bringing awareness to the plight of human trafficking. From Executive Producer Emma Thompson, Academy Award Winning Director Jeffrey Brown, and Impact producer Jane Charles, the film stars Gillian Anderson, David Arquette, and Sushmita Mukherjee. Sammy Chand is the music supervisor, composer and soundtrack producer for this film. Featuring music by John McDowell, Sammy Chand, Salim & Sulaiman, & more, Rukus Avenue is proud to release the Sold Soundtrack.

The instrumental follow up to Tale Of A Crown, Sammy Chand’s new album will be released through his very own app. Head on over to the your App store and download the Sammy Chand app and get all the updated news and information about Rukus Avenue’s main man.  The 18 track instrumental album features the signature hip hop fusion with the indian sub-continent flavor.  The album’s unbelievable artwork was done by Avi Sehmi.

Featuring some of the biggest songs and some of the most exclusive pieces of work from the label’s storied 20 year history, Rukus Avenue releases its "20" album.  Featuring some unreleased material and some fresh remixes, the 20th anniversary album includes some of the label’s biggest names; Karmacy, Sammy Chand, CJ, Kanwar Gill, Saum G, Shreyas Srinivas, and more.  Keep a look out for the album artwork by Inkquisitive.