Dr. Satinder Sartaaj

Satinder Sartaaj is an internationally known singer best recognized for his well decorated career in Punjabi-Sufi music. The famed poet holds a Doctorate in Sufi music, and is widely sighted for his spellbinding performances in front of the many thousands that gather at his concerts around the world. His collaborations with Nelly Furtado, Talib Kweli, and Shabana Azmi on the film The Black Prince have helped graduate this prolific performer to a grander audience in 2018. The upcoming digital release of The Black Prince will punctuate one of the defining films of the Indian diaspora of this last year. His humble reflection of being the first Indian man with a turban to walk the red carpet at Cannes is in stride with the modesty Sartaaj champions. Sartaaj's upcoming music promises to deliver the sound that has defined his name, except this year, many more around the world will be listening.

Ruby Ibarra

Born in the Philippines, Ruby spent the first 4 years of her life in Tacloban City before her family eventually settled in San Lorenzo, California. In 2010, Ruby began releasing multiple videos on Youtube, which created a buzz after several of those videos were featured on XXL Magazine and Worldstar Hip Hop. Ruby released her debut mixtape, Lost in Translation, hosted by DJ Kay Slay, which premiered that same night on Shade 45 Satellite Radio in New York City. Since its release, Lost in Translation has accumulated over 50,000 Soundcloud streams and nearly 100,000 digital downloads. Ruby's unmatched talent and work ethic has allowed her to be featured on Buzzfeed, NPR, and Huffington Post, while having the opportunity to perform on large stages such as Rock the Bells Festival, Paid Dues Festival, and Araneta Coliseum. Ruby is currently on billboards in Time Square in her new collaboration with MasterCard and the Grammys.

Bappi Lahiri

Bappi Lahiri is the living legend of Bollywood, known as the "Disco King" who was India's most successful music director of the 1980's. He has worked with the biggest names in Indian music history including Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Alka Yagnik, AR Rahman and Sonu Nigam. Bappi entered the Guinness Book of World Records for recording over 180 songs for 33 films in 1986, and has composed over 5,000 songs in over 600 films over his 40 year career. Bappi's music was the first to be sampled by urban artists from America and the UK, including Dr. Dre ("Addicted") and MIA ("Jimmy Jimmy") which sold millions of copies around the world. In late 2016, Bappi Lahiri lent his voice to the character of Tamatoa in the Hindi-dubbed version of Disney's hit film "Moana" ; he also composed and sang a song in the film.

Saum G

Saum G is an American born music producer, Cello player, and vocalist. His unmistakable sound is anchored in electronic dance music and is masterfully fused with his Cello to form a marriage of thunder and lightning. This balance of form and function stands in unison with Saum's dynamic skill set and his ability to blend his musical disciplines into one deliberate presentation.  Recently, his campaign to marry social initiative with his music was on display as he performed at the United Nations headquarters, in New York, in support of their efforts to rid the world of Human Trafficking. Saum G's inclusion in the Universal Pictures Studios film "Bring It On" and his performance at Coachella follow the trajectory many expect to see of this young music maker, however, his story is just beginning.

Sammy Chand

As Executive Producer of the White House Initiative album Act To Change, Sammy Chand’s title track provides the inspirational message of self-empowerment and awareness through hip hop.  He is also the Executive Producer of the Anti-Human Trafficking album to benefit the United Nations and their fight against human slavery.   His music has been featured in over 60 film and television shows and is considered a pioneer of the South Asian music scene in North America. Sammy is a past winner of the Los Angeles Citizen of the Year award.  Sammy has been a trendsetter in the South Asian music scene worldwide, as he has long been credited for igniting the Indian Hip Hop scene worldwide.  His list of collaborations include some of the music industry's biggest names.

Arpan Chopra

Arpan is a 20 year old rapper from Cupertino, California. A hip-hop enthusiast from a young age, Arpan draws inspiration from modern greats such as J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar. Arpan collaborated with the NBA's Golden State Warriors, and has released 2 tracks with them. (Broke the Game/Villainz). His recent work (I See Freedom) was featured on the Rukus Avenue - United Nations collaboration to end Human Trafficking around the world. Arpan is the youngest artist to sign to Rukus Avenue and will be releasing new music in 2018.

The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers.
— Roy Ayers


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