We are Rukus Avenue. A music company with a 20 year history. Our culture captures a movement taking place around the world to bring social change through music. We believe in innovation that pushes the boundaries of expression through our unique mixtures of Eastern & Western Cultures. Our Voice Has Never Been Louder & The World is listening.



With its expression squarely parked in the fusion of Western & Eastern cultures, Rukus Avenue is a groundbreaking music company with a well celebrated 20 year history.  Noted for its spearheading efforts in South Asian music in North America and for inspiring a generation of artists, this bustling record label has cemented itself as a creative force and a conduit for an active social community.

Founded in 1996 by Sammy Chand, Rukus Avenue’s confluence of cultures has had a signature musical expression, and has carried a wide range of artists along its storied history.  Artists like Karmacy, Kanwar Gill, Rasika Mathur, CJ aka Charenjeet, Hoodini, Gingger Shankar, Sandeep, Saum G, & more have all been on the Rukus Avenue artist roster, and have helped cement it as a recognized music brand.  In 2016, Rukus Avenue released its first full length motion picture Music Soundtrack for the film Sold.

Currently distributed by the Orchard, Rukus Avenue was also well documented for signing a trailblazing distribution deal with Sony Music in 2005.  It also partnered and collaborated with many other companies and initiatives like the United Nations, The White House, NBA, MTV, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, APM, Sonoton, and many more respected and reputed worldwide brands.  Rukus Avenue artists have had their music featured in over 70 different film and televisions shows from around the world.

The Future looks bright for the Rukus Avenue Music Group.  Since its recent introduction of the Rukus Global Initiative and the announcements of collaborations with the United Nations and the White House, the light has never shined so bright for this expanding music company.  With its imprint on this burgeoning culture cemented, its responsibility to carry the flag forward and further has never been greater.  Rukus Avenue will be releasing its 22nd release in January 2017.

Our Voice Has Never Been Louder & The World is Listening

Core team

Sammy Chand
Chairman & CEO

Sammy Chand founded Rukus Avenue in 1996 after noticing a void in the music industry.  As a true Los Angeles music industry veteran, Sammy has nurtured Rukus Avenue organically, and made it the vanguard of the South Asian music scene in North America.  Utilizing an accomplished business background and a decorated history in producing music, Sammy has emerged as one of the young powerhouses of the entertainment industry.  Although his creative accomplishments begin with his contributing role to the emergence of South Asian music in North America, he is often referred to as the “pioneer” of the South Asian hip-hop scene worldwide.  With the world at its fingertips, Rukus Avenue is in good hands.

Anchal Leela Chand
Senior Vice President

Anchal's diverse musical sensibility and dynamic background in dance and the arts has positioned her as a long standing Senior Vice President at Rukus Avenue.  Her facilitating role in music video production and Rukus Avenue event production has resulted in substantial achievements for the company, and have positioned it on the forefront of capable artistic relations.  In addition to sponsorship development and other business to business relations, Anchal served as director for Rukus Avenue's 10 year partnership with the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles with its mutual venture called Rhythm Village.  She is also owner of Good Luck Yogi LLC, a one of its kind toy that assists in breathing and meditation.  


Raoul Juneja
Vice President

Raoul serves as Vice President of Rukus Avenue and brings an extensive media expertise in Urban and South Asian music to the vast repertoire of this label.  With a keen eye on the future of media and evolution of the marketplace, Raoul Juneja weaves a past as a news columnist, a TV host, a music producer, and activist into the fabric of Rukus Avenue.  He has created and produced the award-winning national Canadian music TV show V-Mix on Omni Television, which ran for 173 episodes over 4 seasons. He is also the executive producer of A 2Pac Tribute: Dare 2 Struggle, a posthumously released tribute albumdedicated to the late hip hop icon, Tupac Shakur. 

Abhishek Sharma
Chief of Business Development

Abhishek Sharma heads Rukus Avenue’s entrepreneurial outlook.  He provides a strong business background to the Rukus Avenue endeavor.  His accomplishments in the clothing industry and noted presence in media and advertising landed this young business mind in the United Nations and the White House.  Abhishek has been recognized by the United Nations for employing media as a method to promote social change.  He continues to work with PVBLIC foundation on various social and entrepreneurial initiatives.  Abhishek is also C.E.O. of Cross River Network, a flourishing digital advertising network with an exclusive deal with the New York Waterway.

Avi Sehmi
Chief Creative Officer

Avi helps Rukus Avenue tell their story with relevance and authenticity. He conceptualizes creative solutions, builds communities and tinkers with emerging technology to drive Rukus Avenue's art, design, content, media, advertising, entertainment and product solutions forward. He has 12+ years of global experience in delivering solutions, strategies and processes that drive quality and innovation in order to achieve business and brand objectives. His past clients have included Amazon, HBO, A&E, Universal Studios, CNN, Budweiser, Disney, VH1, Uber, ESPN, Sony, Unilever, Hearst and many others. He have been recognized at the PCQuest Best IT implementation awards, Olive Crown Awards, BBC campaign digital media awards and at GoaFest.

Jack Atlantis
Chief of Sound Design

Jack Atlantis is the long-time studio partner of Sammy Chand.  The two have crafted Rukus Avenue’s signature sound throughout the 20-year history of the label.  Jack is the co-Producer of Rukus Avenue’s music and the Chief of Sound Design for the label.  As one of the key creative forces in the music company, Jack has mixed the majority of the Rukus Avenue songs and continues to help drive forward the studio initiative. Jack started his sound career learning from the biggest names in the business as the youngest staff assistant at the prestigious Conway studios Hollywood; still considered one of the best in the world. He brings a well-recognized history to the music infrastructure.


Ben McLane
Chief Council

Ben McLane serves as lead counsel at Rukus Avenue.  He is a successful and “highly-credited” Los Angeles-based music and entertainment lawyer.  He received his law degree from Pepperdine University and Kansas State University and quickly earned recognition by working in legal and business affairs at Rhino Records & Priority Records.  He was headof business affairs/CFO for JWP-USA/BMG, and also acted as a talent scout for Sire Records.  He has published over 75 articles on the music business in magazines and books.  In 1995 and 2006, he was awarded “Attorney of the Year” at the Los Angeles Music Awards.  Over the years, he has earned several Gold/Platinum Records with artists like the Dixie Chicks, the Eagles, Cher, 311, Alicia Keys, Mya, and Afroman.  

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