Bappi Lahiri Signs with Rukus Avenue

Bappi Lahiri.jpg

The Bollywood Legend has crafted some of the most iconic music in Indian Cinema history, and his signing with Rukus Avenue brings a new chapter to this music icon. The trailblazing efforts of Bappi Lahiri continue at Rukus Avenue as he puts together a sound unlike any other in Los Angeles.  

Rukus Avenue CEO, Sammy Chand announced in a statement "Our long standing admiration of Bappi has now evolved into a working relationship, and we can't be more honored. I'm in complete admiration of his amazing ability to keep reinventing himself, and this move shows you his willingness to always look ahead." 

Bappi Lahiri will be releasing music in 2018 with some interesting names in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more on this groundbreaking signing.

Rukus Avenue Music Group Signs hip hop star Ruby Ibarra!


The dazzling hip hop star Ruby Ibarra has signed with the Rukus Avenue Music Group, as the deal was completed last night in Los Angeles.  Ruby's recent work on Rukus Avenue's White House collaboration with President Obama was the debut of Ruby's work with Rukus Avenue, in addition to her featuring track with Sammy Chand on the United Nations collaboration in January.  

Stay tuned for more information as we share more about Ruby Ibarra! In the meantime, check out her track on the UN album Music To Inspire : Artists UNited Against Human Trafficking.  

The song is called "Bringing Me Down" :

Rukus Avenue launches The Black Prince album at Press-Conference


The Black Prince soundtrack was launched in New York with the stars of the film Shabana Azmi, Satinder Sartaaj, director Kavi Raz, and Indian Ambassador to India Navtej Sarna.  The event featured a question and answer with some of the New York's media and featured a special music presentation by Sammy Chand.  

The album released worldwide on July 14th and is available everywhere you buy music.

Rukus Avenue releases The Black Prince soundtrack

Rukus Avenue releases the much anticipated Music Inspired By The Motion picture today featuring the music of Sammy Chand and artists Talib Kweli, Satinder Sartaaj, Emmanuel Jal, Nelly Furtado, Chali 2na, AK aka Amazing, Ozmotali, Ozark Henry, Raxstar and more.  The 15 track music album will be launched in New York City on Sunday July 16th ahead of the release of the film on July 21st. 

This is Rukus Avenue's second full length soundtrack, with music videos coming very shortly.  Rukus Avenue will also release the album app next week to coincide with the release of the film.  

Visit your favorite music retailers or streaming sites to check out the album!



Sammy Chand at London Indian Film Festival for The Black Prince

Sammy Chand & Satinder Sartaaj

Sammy Chand & Satinder Sartaaj

Sammy Chand attended the London Indian Film Festival Opening Night for the film The Black Prince.  Sammy produced the music for the soundtrack Music Inspired By The Motion Picture The Black Prince, that features Talib Kweli, Tisha Campbell Martin, and of course Satinder Sartaaj.

Satinder Sartaaj and Sammy were both on the red carpet together as the duo were there for their upcoming work together on the soundtrack.  Sammy did three songs with Sartaaj including a song called Shabana Pal that was world premiered by BBC radio.

The two will be in Toronto for the release of the soundtrack in Toronto on July 13 and 14th.

Rukus Avenue To Release The Black Prince Soundtrack on July 14th.

The 15 track soundtrack features a very diverse sound, weaved together by a narration by AK.

The 15 track soundtrack features a very diverse sound, weaved together by a narration by AK.

Rukus Avenue has announced that they will release The Music Inspired By soundtrack to the film The Black Prince.  The Black Prince stars Satinder Sartaaj as the Maharaja Duleep Singh, and Shabana Azmi as the mother Maharani Jindan.  

With music by Sammy Chand, the 15 track soundtrack features Talib Kweli, Emmanuel Jal & Nelly Furtado, Satinder Sartaaj, Tisha Campbell Martin, Sammy Chand, Ozark Henry, AK aka Amazing, Raxstar, Andrew T Mackay, Ozomatli, Chali 2na, Hoodini, Saum G, Prashant Aswani, Meghdeep Bose & Raaginder Momi.

Releasing worldwide on July 14th, check out for more information.


Sammy Chand's new single The Elephant is available on Rukus Avenue APP.

The brand new single from Sammy Chand

The brand new single from Sammy Chand

The lead single titled The Elephant is from Sammy Chand's upcoming album The Inside Job.  The energetic single is a fine balance of power and grace and is available exclusively on the Rukus Avenue APP.  The track will be available worldwide on April 28, 2017 on iTunes and other digital outlets.

Releasing on April 28th, the single will also feature an extended version of the beat. 

Vanessa Carlton's track House of Seven Swords featured on UN Album

Vanessa Carlton with Music To Inspire CD

Vanessa Carlton with Music To Inspire CD

American music star Vanessa Carlton's track House of Seven Swords is featured on the Rukus Avenue album MUSIC TO INSPIRE, a collaboration with the United Nations to fight Human Trafficking and raise money for the UN Voluntary Trust Fund.  Vanessa was recently in Toronto for a show and was presented a CD by Rukus Avenue VP Raoul Juneja.

Vanessa's contribution to the Music To Inspire CD is a big one, as her track is a part of an all-star cast of over 50 artists and contributors that all gave to this cause.  Vanessa is currently on tour and will return to Los Angeles this April to begin work on her next album.

Please follow Vanessa Carlton on Facebook & Twitter! @VanessaCarlton

Rukus Avenue's new star Saum G to perform at Club Bardot March 10th

Saum G to perform in Hollywood March 10th

Saum G to perform in Hollywood March 10th

Rukus Avenue's very own Saum G will be taking the stage on March 10th at Bardot in Hollywood, California.  The producer and singer will be performing with this signature Cello and will be blending his cutting edge sound with genres like EDM.  Rukus Avenue's new star is already garnering a big buzz following his performance and inclusion in the United Nations anti-human trafficking album Music To Inspire.

Saum G will be performing songs from his upcoming album, including the acclaimed "Not For Sale" which is his collaboration with vocalist Varshini Muralikrishnan.  The show will begin at 7pm and will feature other opening acts to be announced shortly.  Roon and Astoic are two artists that have been confirmed so far.

Stay tuned for more info!

Rukus Avenue's Raoul Juneja & Sammy Chand attend 2017 Grammy Awards

Rukus Avenue VP Raoul Juneja with Sammy Chand

Rukus Avenue VP Raoul Juneja with Sammy Chand

The 2017 Grammy Awards were at Staples Center in Los Angeles this year with some of the worlds greatest performers and personalities in the music business.  Two of the Rukus Avenue team members Sammy Chand and Raoul Juneja were also in attendance.

The night was highlighted by performances by Beyonce, Chance the Rapper, A Tribe Called Quest, Adele, and more.  Rukus Avenue's soundtrack Sold, which was released in April 2016 was on the long list for the Best Soundtrack for 2016.  

There are some other hopeful submissions from the Rukus Avenue team in 2017! 

Rukus Avenue Team presents A.R.Rahman with Album.

Rukus Avenue V.P. Raoul Juneja, A.R.Rahman, and Sammy Chand

Rukus Avenue V.P. Raoul Juneja, A.R.Rahman, and Sammy Chand

The Rukus Avenue team made a quick pit stop in Toronto, Canada to meet with the great A.R.Rahman and share the project he contributed to.  The Music To Inspire album - Artists UNited Against Human Trafficking features two tracks by the Maestro.  The weekend festivities also featured some of A.R.Rahman's new project's coming out soon too, like his upcoming concert film called ONE LOVE.

The Rukus Avenue team was invited to a special world premiere screening of the brand new directorial debut by A.R.Rahman, but also got a chance to discuss the project with the man. Sammy Chand presented A.R. with a special commemorative pin given to him by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.  He wore the pin on his sleeve as he took the picture.

Sammy Chand Delivers Speech at UN Headquarters

Rukus Avenue Chairman Sammy Chand

Rukus Avenue Chairman Sammy Chand

Rukus Avenue Chairman delivered a passionate 10 minute speech at the United Nations Headquarters in New York with H.E. President of the General Assembly Peter Thompson in attendance and other noted dignitaries.  The speech touched on the need for the galvanized community to step up and provide support and awareness for the first full activation of the One For All campaign launched by the United Nations.  An album to help end Human Trafficking.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals as set forth by the United Nations for 2017 are an active initiative of the United Nations.  Rukus Avenue's Music To Inspire album Artists UNited Against Human Trafficking is one of the first activations of the One For All fight.  

Buy the album online now!

Rukus Avenue releases UN album at Headquarters

Ozark Henry, H.E. UN General Assembly President Peter Thompson, & Sammy Chand

Ozark Henry, H.E. UN General Assembly President Peter Thompson, & Sammy Chand

During an exclusive three hour event at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, Rukus Avenue released its collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime.  A 60 song album to bring awareness and much needed resources to the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for Persons Trafficked.  The multinational album features over 50 different artists including President Jimmy Carter, A.R.Rahman, Sonu Nigam, Quincy Jones, and more.

The private event featured speeches by His Highest Excellency UN General Assembly President Peter Thompson, Rukus Avenue Chairman Sammy Chand, and PVBLIC Chairman Sergio Fernandez De Cordova.  The event also featured live performances by UN Goodwill Ambassador Ozark Henry, Patricia Vonne, and Saum G & Varshini.  

Download the album on iTunes or Google Play now

Rukus Avenue releases mega album with the United Nations

Rukus Avenue releases mega album with the United Nations to end Human Trafficking.  The album features 60 tracks and is available to download across the retailers around the world.  Every single proceed goes to the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for the fight against Human Trafficking.  Here is the tracklist : 

President Jimmy Carter - A Very Special Message
Sammy Chand & Hoodini - One Light At A Time
Ozark Henry - Maybe
Karmin - Love is Louder
Joss Stone - Star (We Are Who We Are)
Garbage - Where Do The Children Play?
Jack Atlantis - Gold Will Last Forever
Supaman - Why
Tisha Campbell-Martin - Steel Here
Urmi Basu - A Message
Satinder Sartaaj - Revolution (The Song of Hope)
Valley of the Kings - United We Stand
Anjulie - Dragonflies
Alfredo Rodriguez - Raices (Roots) f/ Richard Bona
A.R. Rahman - Infinite Love (K-Kov Remix)
Dan Davidson, Jeff Dalziel, Steve London - Hold On To Your Babies
Breeze The Voice - Love Is The Answer
MC Yogi f/ East Forest - Grace
Sonita Alizadeh - Daughters For Sale
Emmanuel Jal - Nyakor

Chloe Flower f/ Boyz II Men - Prelude
A.R. Rahman, Farah Siraj & Ani Choying Drolma - Zariya
Tisha Campbell-Martin - A Message
Sammy Chand & Ruby Ibarra - Bringing Me Down
Lee England Jr. - Hope
Sonu Nigam - Spirit Unfolding
Michael Franti, Sonna Rele & Sammy Chand - Once A Day (Worldbeat Mix)
Jeffrey D. Brown - About Human Trafficking
Rmxknz - Just Hang On
Shreyas Srinivas f/ Aditya Prakash - Running To Freedom
Tatyana Ali - Ghost Town
G Yamazawa - Give
Vanessa Carlton - House of Seven Swords
Panjabi MC f/ Sukhi Sivia - My Sister
Alysha Brilla - Changing The World
Justin Kauflin - Abide With Me
Daryl Hall & John Oates - Ooh Child
Ariana Delawari f/ Salar Nader - The Warrior
Eppic f/ Alex G - Parachute
Anoushka Shankar - In Jyoti's Name

Gregor Narholz - Silently Coping
Anuradha Koirala - A Message
Saum G. f/ Varshini - Not For Sale
Karl Wolf - Finally Free
Apache Indian f/ Destiny  - Save The World
Leon & The Peoples - Love Is A Beautiful Thing (Reggae Mix)
Neeti Mohan - Udne De
Salvador Santana - Weapons of Mass Compassion
Patricia Vonne - Missing Women
Shilpa Agarwal - Sheath & Sword
Steel Pulse - Human Trafficking
The Gravy Street - This We Know
Anita Lerche - Vem Kan Segla
Arpan Chopra - I See Freedom
Cody Jonsen - Sons & Daughters
Ellis Hall - Be The Change
FEFE - I Don't Know You Anymore
Trevor Hall - You Can't Rush Your Healing
Jessica Fichot - Berceuse Bancale
Vijay Iyer - Taking Flight


A.R.Rahman Joins Rukus Avenue's fight to end Human Trafficking

The Incorporable A.R.Rahman Joins Rukus Avenue's fight to end Human Trafficking and will feature music on the Rukus Avenue-United Nations album titled Music To Inspire.  The Artists United Against Human Trafficking album will release on the 31st of January worldwide and will be announced at the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

The album will feature a whopping 60 tracks and is considered the largest collection of artists coalition for a charity since Band-AID in the 1980s.  We all have a chance to make a difference with this album, so please go out and support it and spread the word!

Sammy Chand included in Top 10 Most Influential South Asians of 2016

Sammy Chand was listed in the top 10 of the most influential South Asians in the United States.  The list was published by DissDash and included people like professional basketball player Satnam Singh, artist Raja Kumari, entrepreneur Payal Kadakia, and vlogger Lilly Singh. 

This is the first ever recognition of its kind for Sammy and the honor was not without appreciation as Sammy delivered a special video message.  A big thank you to DissDash for including Rukus Avenue as the Record Label of the Year.

Rukus Avenue Awarded Record Label of the Year for 2016 by DissDash

DissDash recognized Rukus Avenue with a very coveted Record Label of the Year award as the the popular blog rolled out its "Best of" for 2016.  The awards included many other noteworthy members of the South Asian community in the United States.  This is a special note for Rukus Avenue as its in its 20th year this year.  Thank you to our friends at DissDash.Com for the recognition!

President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama lend their voice to Act To Change album


The White Initiative album Act To Change is a collaboration with Rukus Avenue and features 25 tracks of music and audio pieces that inspire the fight against bullying.  The opening piece to the album is delivered by none other than President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, as they address the social need to fight bullying.

The President refers to the movement as an important social issue and calls for support for all our nation to step up and make a difference.  He notes that this is a social issue that seldom finds the front pages of the media and needs the awareness to battle it on multiple levels.

The First Lady also talks about the importance as, not only President & First Lady, but as parents to bring attention to this problem that our youth faces.  Since the Asian-American population in this country are statistically more likely to be targeted, the White House Initiative for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have mobilized with Rukus Avenue to put an album together to help bring much needed attention to the issue.

Sammy Chand produces title track for White House Initiative Act To Change Album

Act To Change - Single Cover_HighRes.jpg

The action packed anti-bullying album by Rukus Avenue goes live on Dec 7th, 2017.  The Sammy Chand produced single Act To Change is also featured on the album and showcases some of the finest in Asian American artists on one album.  The song also features G Yamazawa, Hoodini, Salvador Santana, Ruby Ibarra & Connie Lim. 

Head on over to iTunes on Dec 7th and checkout what all the hype is about.  The album also features President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as the opening audio piece to introduce the White House initiative.  

The dynamic single features musicians Joey Santori and acclaimed Roma-Gypsy musician Oliver Rajamani and is mixed by Rukus Avenue's own Jack Atlantis.  Let us know what you think of the single! Email us at!  

Rukus Avenue releases Artwork for White House #ActToChange Album

The Rukus Avenue collaboration with The White House Initiative of Asian American's and Pacific Islanders is growing in momentum towards its release.  Today, Rukus Avenue released the album cover to the much anticipated release.  The album features 25 tracks and is the strongest representation of Asian American musicians that have all come together and address a growing problem in the AAPI community.

The album cover is designed by Rukus Avenue's chief artist Avi Sehmi.  The album releases worldwide December 7th, 2016, about 43 days before President Barack Obama leaves the Oval Office.